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Specialised Face Treatments

  • Perfector Non-Surgical Facelift: shortens or lengthens the muscles, stimulating cell renewal and lifting the face muscles, including a lymphatic drainage programme giving a clearer looking skin
    Find out more about Perfector here...
  • Microdermabrasion: gentle and relaxing facial exfoliation treatment, which removes dead skin cells, eliminates blocked pores.  Smoothes lines and wrinkles, thus achieving a smooth, radiant and glowing appearance. Also helps with pigmentation of the skin, acne and skin problems.
    Find out more about microdermabrasion here...
  • Skin Care: If you get the impression that your beauty products no longer have any effect, come and see an expert.  Our beauty therapists will make a precise diagnosis, based on a facial treatment, to suit your skin’s specific needs.  These needs can change according to the season, and the effects of stress and age.
  • DECLEOR Skin Care: At Shapers we recommend Decleor quality products which we use within the salon and also retail available for you to use at home.